How to Delete Blank Cells in Excel ?

When you copy Data into Excel Sheet or if Data present in your Excel Sheet contains some blank Cells, then removing those blank cells one by one can be cumbersome task.

So, For example you have situation as above where you wanted to delete Blank cells in A & B working columns.

First Select any of the blank cell as below and press Function key ‘F5’ . This will pop up ‘Go to’ dialog box on this click on ‘Special…’ button .

This will pop up another dialog box ‘Go To Special’ . Select ‘Blanks’ radio button on this dialog box and Click Ok.

This will select all Blank cells in Column A and B .

Now, In Home Ribbon > inside ‘Cells’ panel click on Drop drown list for Delete as above. Here you have option to ‘Delete Cells…’ which selected in our case we have already selected Blank cells .

Note: If you wanted to Delete complete row/Column containing Blank cells which are selected by ‘Go To Special’ above then click on ‘Delete Sheet Rows’ / ‘Delete Sheet Columns’ from above Delete Drop down list.

As you select ‘Delete Cells…’ option, Excel will ask weather you wanted to Shift Cells around Blank cells OR choose to delete Entire row or Column. In our case we wanted to move remaining Cells Upwards so choose ‘Shift cells up’ options and Press ‘Ok’

Done !!


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