Introduction to Excel 2013 User Interface

If you have installed Excel 2013 on your Computer then Go to Start Button or press Windows tab from Keyboard. Type or Search Excel 2013 and click on it.

On Application window Left side Recent files are shown if you have opened some of Recent files earlier then those will be shown for easy finding. On Middle top of window there is search box for online templates and some of suggested searched to find suitable template to work with as below:

If you are not sure about which template to start or want to start from scratch then choose Bank workbook by double clicking on it.

This will open spreadsheet with columns(A,B,C,…) and rows (1,2,3,….) Junction point of any Column and Row is called cells. You can input information in it by double clicking it. Single click will select sheet and Double click with enter into cell


Top tool bars section is called ribbon Which is collection of different panels like Font, Alignment, Number, etc…

A. Ribbon:

B. Ribbon Tabs (Menus):

C. Dialog box Launcher:

Tip: Press ALT key from Keyboard to work ribbons from keyboard .

Right Click Options:

Right clicking on anywhere on ribbon or on tabs of ribbon will present some more options for Ribbon:

Ribbon Display Options: 

Quick Access toolbar:


Do right click on Sheet name to see extra options of sheet

Add New Sheet Tab:

File Tab:

When you click on File tab then you will be moved to Backstage view of Excel application:

Press Back arrow button to get back to workbook.


If you click on Account then it will show you Microsoft Account & product information which is linked with this excel application.


If click on options tab it will open Excel options where you can change excel settings or customize it the way you want.

 Work Sheet Views:

At bottom right corner you will find work sheet views such as Normal view, Page Layout & Page Break View. Also Zoom slider for excel worksheet/



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