1. Record and Run Macro in Excel 2013

How to Record Macro in Excel 2013 ?

You can

To Record Macro in Excel, Open Excel 2013  application. On Workbook click on ‘View’ Menu then open Drop down list from Tab Macros > Select Record Macro.


This will open Record Macro Dialog box:


Alternate Method: You can directly open Record Macro dialog box from Bottom left corner of Excel and Select ‘Macro Recording’ tab next to Ready word(If not showing then Right click on status bar and Select ‘Macro Recording’ option)

You can change Macro Name or keep it as it is. I will change it to ‘MyFirstMacro’ .


  • Name should not begin with a  letter or an underscore.
  • Name should not contain a space or invalid characters.
  • Name should not conflicts with an excel built in names or the name of another object in Workbook.

Shortcut Key:

You can assign shortcut key to invoke macro.  I will assign it as ‘f’ .

Note: Shortcut key should be a letter not number or any other special character. 

Store macro in:

You will get some more options to Store Macro in as below , We will keep it as default ‘This Workbook’


Write Description for reference as ‘This is my First Macro.’

Finally your Record Macro dialog box should look like this:

Click Ok to accept.

You are in Record Macro Mode. Notice that in View > Macros button for Record Macro is now changed to Stop recording.

Also at Bottom left corner of Excel Workbook if you move mouse over below tab you will notice a tooltip as ‘A macro is currently recording. Click to stop recording’


So far so good, Now Write in Workbook data cells following information.

Sr. No. Name Age
1 John 25
2 Alex 30
3 Sam 32

Go to View > Macro > Stop Recording

That’s it . We have recorder our first Macro in Excel 2013 !

Now delete Excel cells content to see Macro Run next.

How to Run Recorded  Macro?

Go to View > Macros > click ‘View Macros’

It will open Macro Dialog box:

view m

Click on Run and you will notice it will show all information in Excel cells that we have created while recording Macro ! That’s Great !

Now we know that all steps and actions we can record and Run from Macro. Though it look like cut/copy Paste thing but Macro has very powerful functions that we will see next.

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