Selenium + Java

Selenium + Java Tutorials:

In this tutorial, we will learn about Selenium Tool with Java Programming in Eclipse IDE.

For Selenium + Java Training First complete >>> Java Basics <<<  then start with Selenium Tutorials

Unit 1: Introduction  

Chapter 1: Introduction to Selenium

Chapter 2: Downloads for Selenium WebDriver with JAVA

Chapter 3: How to Integrate Selenium in Eclipse IDE?

Unit 2 : Getting Started :

Chapter 4: Write First Program using Selenium 2 – Java in Eclipse

Chapter 5: Write First Program using Selenium 3- Java in Eclipse

Chapter : Desired Capabilities in Selenium WebDriver

Chapter : Wait Statements in Selenium WebDriver

Unit 3 : Basics :

Chapter : Selenium Locators

Chapter : Dynamic xPath in Selenium

Chapter : Basic Operations in Selenium

Chapter : Exceptions in Selenium WebDriver

Chapter : ScreenShot in Selenium WebDriver

Chapter : Keyboard & Mouse Actions in Selenium WebDriver

Chapter : File Upload and Download in Selenium

Chapter : Page Object Model [POM] & Page Factory